Oct 19-20

Danie & Gerda Malan have been ministering to couples/families/individuals for more than 47 years.

Over the years they used the Bible to develop the material used in the Couples Retreats as the foundation for fulfilled family relationships. 

Their approach is simply that the Bible always points to the direction of friction, or bondage, or hurt, or unforgiveness, and the steps to follow to allow God to change lives, remove obstacles and bring real and deeply fulfilled relationships. 

The results are that Couples, families and individuals are healed, restored, refocused and re-energized.

Their philosophy is based on 1 Cor 4:20: “The Kingdom of God is not about talk, but about Power”. We can talk all day about challenges from our human perspectives – only God is all powerful, knows everything about every person, and in His Power, He can change lives and attitudes — to bring healing, restoration, reconciliation and fulfillment into every relationship and situation.

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